Chatham Town Council reviews Nuisance Ordinance

At the request of Chatham Mayor Gregory Harris, Village Attorney Gary Nunn reviewed the Nuisance Ordinance (12-163) that is in place with the Chatham Town Council at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting held on Tuesday, March 13th. 

“There had been some confusion about what all the Ordinance covered so I asked Mr. Nunn to come and give our Council members a review” said Harris.

Established in 2012, the Ordinance identifies what is a public nuisance within the corporate limits of Chatham as well as includes procedures of remedy and penalties for violations. 

In other action, a resolution (Resolution #2023-03) was accepted authorizing the Village of Chatham to state their intent to maintain permit requirements as set forth by national pollutant discharge elimination system to prevent wastewater permit violations and other matters with respect thereto.

Council members Laverne Mixon, Toni Malone, and Sue Proffer approved Mobile Home Permit 2023-01 for Chelsea Wyatt at 206 Hwy 146 and agreed to repair the fence at the sewer plant. Mike Wilson was absent. 

The session began with the February meeting minutes and the payment of all monthly bills being approved. Acceptance of the financial statements closed the meeting. 

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