It takes less space to grow up these days than in the olden days.

Back in the day, teenagers had their stereo in their bedroom. It was usually a monster. There was a turntable, an amplifier, and speakers. The two speakers were the size of a medium end table. The speakers could put out some sound. Then the collection of materials played up space too.

If you were of the album era, those albums while thin had a large diameter. The album had the album jacket that slid into the album cover. Some artists would release double albums. There were transition times with the music. Albums would try to give way to eight-track, which never caught on. The eight tracks gave way to cassettes. Some of the stereo systems would handle two or three types of music media. Plus there were storage requirements for eight tracks and for cassettes.

If a kid was lucky they had a phone in their room. The phone would be attached by chord to the wall and the receiver was attached by chord to the base. Really lucky kids had phone with long chords so they could walk around their room to change albums while they were on the phone.

There was some kind of alarm clock or clock radio in the room. That was necessary so the kid could get that great sleep between the time the alarm goes off and the parent came into the room and made one get out of bed. We get that same great sleep today by hitting the snooze button.

Some studious kids had a desk in their room with a typewriter on the desk. The term papers looked better typed and if you had a Pica typewriter those pages added up quicker, or so it seemed. There was rarely a television in this ancient bedroom. The television was in the den. It was a 25 inch RCA color and the family would gather in the room to watch a show. Since there was no remote, channel changing was done manually by the youngest member of the family.

So today kids don’t need as much space as those of us of another era. Their music, alarm, computer, TV, telephone, and speakers are held in their hands. Pull your phone out and look at everything it does. There is a tool that allows us all to do things we never dreamed could be done by one tool. We know that tool.


There are times you don’t know what to do or where to go. What can you do when you have lost something in your life and you are grieving? If you are ill and the doctors seem stymied, what do you do then? If you have a parent or a child who does not listen and they are doing hurtful thing what do you do? If you have done something wrong, hurting yourself or someone else, where do you go for healing and forgiveness? As you look at life, the decision you need to make the direction you need to discover, who will help you with that? There is one way to deal with these kinds of challenges.



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