Cumpton reaps more recognition at LCU

It could be considered quite ironic that a distinguished history major is so very adept in the modern art of multi-tasking. To be more specific, while Quitman native Shelby Cumpton was representing Louisiana Christian University (LCU) Debate Team at the National Championships in Boise, Idaho, she recorded the presentation of her  interdisciplinary research project that was delivered at the 3rd Annual C.S. Lewis Honors Forum. 

Cumpton was one of ten students to present a research project, entitled “A Language of Resistance: The White Rose and the Use of Framing,” which is the final requirement in fulfillment of the prestigious programs requirements. 

Following the presentations, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Cheryl Clark presented each student with a C.S. Lewis Honors Medallion to be worn at graduation.

“The Honors Forum clearly demonstrates that LCU is providing an unshakeable Christian foundation while expecting academic excellence across all disciplines,” she said. “The students’ interdisciplinary research projects show they understand, recognize and embrace the inseparable connection between their calling and career. 
“Knowing that these graduates are equipped and ready to pursue graduate degrees and professional careers and are our future biochemists, medical professionals, scientific researchers, lawyers, and educators renews my hope for the future. “

The C.S. Lewis Honors Program at Louisiana Christian University is an interdisciplinary
program that is designed for students who perform at the highest academic standards. Its small, seminar-style courses focus on integrating faith and learning through writing, discussion, service learning, and travel. Students enter during their freshman year and complete the honors curriculum as a cohort.

“One of the best things about attending the Honors Forum every year is seeing how the students that I taught early on in the program have matured into deep thinkers and skilled researchers,” said Dr. Christine Reese, chair of the Division of History and Political Science and member of the Honors Council. “Their creativity and passion for their research topics shines through to make the Honors Forum a dynamic celebration of learning. I am grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to work with the superb faculty at LCU to produce a new generation of Christian scholars.”

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