Jonesboro Board of Aldermen hold Special Session on Tuesday

 The Jonesboro Board of Aldermen held a special session on Tuesday, March 28th to introduce an Ordinance that will allow the transfer of ARPA money from an existing budget line item into another one.

Specifically,  Aldermen members agreed to amend Ordinance 2205-005 pertaining to the 2022-23 Budget of Water Revenues and Expenditures in order to move forward with $47,095.38 of federal money being transferred into the 2022-23 Budget of Revenues and Expenditure for the Town of Jonesboro as ordained through Ordinance 2022-004. 

The result of the action would be the creation of two new line items in the budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year so that a proposed agreement with Enterprise Leasing to update the towns fleet of vehicles would have money earmarked under the following designations:
Enterprise Fleet – $31,180.50
Public Works: Enterprise Fleet – $15,914.88

In additional action board members, Devin Flowers, Robbie Siadek, James Ginn and Nia Evans-Johnson approved the move of a mobile home to the end of First Street in Jonesboro. Robert Hunter was absent. 


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