Bryan Lay breaks 60 year old Jackson Parish record at QHS Relays

Bryan “Peanut” Lay planted his pole and soared skyward. By the time the Junior at Quitman High School  landed from his 13′ 6″ vault, he had broken one of the oldest records in Jackson Parish Track and Field history, a mark that had stood for 60 years.

This past Thursday, his first-place finish was one of 30 podium placements earned by Jackson Parish High Schools at the 2023 Quitman Relays that saw 19 schools from north Louisiana participate. Jonesboro-Hodge led the way with 19 boys and girls who came in first, second, or third place in their first meet of the year. Quitman High had eight and Weston High finished with three.

The Tigers had five gold medal (1st Place) performances, eight silver medals (2nd Place), and six that won the bronze medal for their 3rd finishes. Quitman grabbed one gold, two silvers, and five bronze medals while Weston had three that came in third place.

Outstanding meet performers:

JHHS Girls: Ciara Gray – 1st place in Long Jump, 2nd place in 100 & 300 Hurdles, 3rd place in Triple Jump
JHHS Boys: Savantez Phillips – 1st place in 110 & 300 hurdles
QHS Girls: Kaleigh King – 2nd place in Pole Vault, 3rd place in 100 Hurdles
QHS Boys: Bryan Lay – 1st place in Pole Vault
WHS Girls: Lexie Millien – 3rd place in Long Jump; Carroll Foshee – 3rd place in Pole Vault, Keeley Davis – 3rd place in 300 Hurdles
WHS Boys: Darin Allen – 6th place in Javelin

1st Place Winners (Gold Medal)
Savantez Phillips (JHHS) – 110 Hurdles & 300 Hurdles
JHHS Boys 4×200 Relay Team
JHHS Boys 4×400 Relay Team
Ciara Gray (JHHS) – Long Jump
Bryan Lay (QHS) – Pole Vault

2nd Place Winners (Silver Medal)
Ciara Gray (JHHS) – 100 Hurdles & 300 Hurdles
Cameron Leonard (JHHS) – 110 Hurdles & 300 Hurdles
A’Jorriana Hoggro (JHHS) – High Jump
Sydney Malone (JHHS) – Discus
Zion Gray (JHHS) -Triple Jump
JHHS Boys 4×100 Relay Team
Kaleigh King (QHS) – Pole Vault
Emma Carter (QHS) – High Jump

3rd Place Winners (Bronze Medal)
Darrion Moss (JHHS) – Long Jump & Triple Jump
Nathan Harvey (QHS) – 100 Hurdles & 300 Hurdles
Ciara Gray (JHHS) – Triple Jump
Kalep Atkins (JHHS) – 100 Meters
Symeon Malone (JHHS) – Javelin
Zion Gray (JHHS) – 400 Meters
Kaleigh King (QHS) – 100 Hurdles
QHS 4×200 Relay Team
Sebastian Guinn (QHS) – Shot Put
Lexie Millien (WHS) – Long Jump
Keeley Davis (WHS) – 300 Hurdles
Carroll Foshee (WHS) – Pole Vault

Locals earn 38 podium places at 2023 QJH Relays

A total of 38 times either JHMS, QJH, WJH, or Quitman Elementary had an entrant honored on the podium where the first, second, and third place finishers in an event were recognized at the 2023 QJH Relays held this past Tuesday, March 28th.

JHMS had the most podium placers with 18 followed closely by QJH with 17. Weston earned first and third and perhaps the most impressive placement of all was Quitman Elementary grabbing a third-place finish.

Breaking down the medal winners for JHMS and QJH, the Junior Tigers won five events, came in second nine times, and third in four more, while host QJH had four first-place winners, three came in second, and 10 third-place finishes.

Outstanding meet performers 

JHMS – Dylan Hayes – Won High Jump and Triple Jump
QJH – Kaleigh King – Won Pole Vault & 100 hurdles,2nd in 300 hurdles
WJH – Keeley Davis – Won 300 hurdles, 4th in 100 meters, 5th in Long Jump
QES – Lainee Hatfield – 3rd Place in the Pole Vault

1st Place Winners (Gold Medal)
Dylan Hayes (JHMS)– High Jump, Triple Jump
Kaleigh King (QJH) – Pole Vault, 100-meter hurdles
Sanaa Tatum (JHMS) – 100 meters
JHMS Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Team
Brooklyn Brown (QJH) – Long jump
Jana Potts (QJH) – Shot Put
Taden Thomas (QJH) – 2400 meters
Luke Rowe (QJH) – Pole Vault
Keeley Davis (WJH) – 300-meter hurdles

2nd Place Winners (Silver Medal)
Carmon Livingston (JHMS) – 100 meters, 200 meters
Taylor Borland (QJH) – Pole Vault, 100-meter hurdles
Derryn Osborne (JHMS) – Triple Jump
JHMS Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Team
JHMS Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Team
JHMS Boys 4×200 Meter Relay Team
Kaleigh King (QJH) – 300-meter hurdles
Brayden Martin (QJH) – 300-meter hurdles
Eli Rowe (QJH) – Pole Vault

3rd Place Winners (Bronze Medal)
Lainee Cheatwood (QJH) – Shot Put, Discus
Jastyn Kimble (JHMS) – 100 meters
JHMS Boys 4×400 Meter Relay Team
Keistan Hearne (JHMS) – Shot Put
Brooklyn Brown (QJH – Triple Jump
Hallay Taylor (QJH) – Long Jump
Zuwynesha Johnson (QJH) – 100 Meters
QJH Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Team
QJH Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Team
QJH Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Team
QJH Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Team
Ronneica Kimble (WJH) – 200 Meters
Lainee Hatfield (QES) – Pole Vault

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