I love my dogs. I love dogs that aren’t mine.

I’m taking care of Cut-Up, a Pitbull until his owner is no longer a guest of the state of Louisiana. That date is in the future. I met Cut-Up when he was six weeks old. We have been good friends since then. If a Pitbull likes you, you don’t argue with them. He spends time at his house, and he spends time at my house. As I compose this article, he is under my desk laying on my feet. Again, who argues with a Pitbull?

Last week was particularly annoying. He wanted to spend less time at his house and more time with me. He has this high-pitched moan when he wants to be at our house. Last week, we heard lots of his shenanigans begging to come over and play with my two dogs. One night it got very quiet. I knew he was outside at the fence line, but no noise. Our dogs were going crazy barking at him.

Turns out, our dogs were calling out Cut-Up. He was digging under the fence. I didn’t know that about Pitbulls, they are prodigious diggers. He made it under the fence. He proudly bounded in the doggy door as if to say, “Here I am, deal with me.” I’ve had digging dogs before. I know the cure for a dog that digs along a fence is Quikrete. I purchased 100 pounds and started filling in the two holes that Cut-Up dug early in the week.

It was Thursday and I was fast falling asleep when I head the clicking of his nails on the floor and I heard him leap into the bed. When a Pitbull lands on your chest in triumph, who argues. I was curious though. How did this dog overcome Quikrete? I had filled up 100 pounds worth of holes along that fence line. I knew it was secure.

Cut-up, with surgical precision, had dug a hole between the two former holes. I purchased 100 more pounds of Quikrete and filled in yet another hole. He’s really a good dog. He likes to be around me. He wants to sleep in the bed with me. He growls at my wife when she tries to get in bed and I’m not going to argue with either the wife or the Pitbull.

He has taught me a lesson about temptation. I don’t know what yours is, but temptation is like a Pitbull digging under the fence. Unless you take drastic action that dog will eventually be in your yard. Likewise, that temptation will eventually be in your life.

I recommend Quikrete for fixing holes under the fence.

I recommend Jesus, the one who overcame sin and death, to help you overcome your temptations.


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