Cute and Coordinated! Amy’s Gymnastics Pictorial

If you went to any local high school basketball game this past winter then you probably were entertained at halftime by young children doing flips and cartwheels up and down the floor. You couldn’t help but smile at how cute they were and be amazed at how coordinated they were at such a young age. It also made you wonder where did they learn how to do this?

The answer is Amy’s Gymnastics, operated by local resident Amy Hudson, who runs a studio in Jonesboro and another in Ruston, teaching recreational gymnastics to boys and girls as soon as they can walk, in Mommy and Me classes, all the way to 20 yr old girls. There is also an adult exercise class.

Thanks to Ashley Wyatt of Ruffled Feathers Photography, a pictorial of the most recent class members from Jackson Parish have been made available to Jackson Parish Journal viewers. 

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