Jonesboro to celebrate receiving National Guard Armory on Friday

With Representative Jack McFarland and Louisiana National Guard (LNG) General Keith Waddell expected to be on hand, the Town of Jonesboro will celebrate receiving the National Guard Armory with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, May 19th.

The gala event that commemorates the revitalization of the shuttered Armory, into a much needed addition to the town of Jonesboro infrastructure will take place at 10:00 am at the Armory, located at 520 East Main Street. A reception at the City Hall of Jonesboro will follow. 

“This will be a great day for the town of Jonesboro and we invite everyone to come and help us celebrate,” said Jonesboro Mayor James “Spike” Harris. 

The agreement for the Town of Jonesboro to assume ownership of the Armory structures and adjoining property came about through discussions between Jonesboro Mayor James “Spike” Harris and Representative McFarland about how the property could be used. McFarland then orchestrated a meeting with General Keith Waddell of the Louisiana National Guard, who proposed giving the former home of the 199th Brigade Support Battalion back to the town.

“Much appreciation and thanks is to be given to Representative McFarland,” said Harris. “He was instrumental in getting this done as he arranged the meetings with General Waddell and played a big role in bringing this to fruition,” added Harris.

Mayor Harris said receiving the structures and property provides for an immediate boon to infrastructure operations and a future benefit to the residents of Jonesboro as well.

“This helps our town in so many ways,” continued Harris. “By relocating the Police Department and Public Works into the buildings this allows for much more operating room and better working conditions. It is also great for our residents, as with the additional property was are receiving, we can now refurbish the area that has always been known as Fairgrounds Hill, allowing for this to become a vibrant events area once again as it was in the past.”







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