Beautification of Jonesboro Project continues with control burn of house on Harrison Street

The Beautification of Jonesboro Project continued on Tuesday with a control burn of an abandoned house on the corner of Harrison Street and Hwy 167 South. With five fire trucks and firefighters from the Jonesboro, Quitman and Ward Four Fire Districts on site the secure blaze sent smoke pummeling into the evening sky. 

The Beautification Project instituted two years ago provides for the removal of unsightly and unsafe, abandoned and dilapidated structures within the incorporated confines of the Town of Jonesboro through burning or razing of the structures. A dual purpose is also served as the control burns provides important multi agency training for the local fire districts as well as the paid and volunteer fire fighters of each in a non-emergency situation.

Owners of a structure(s) that is located within the defined project area that would like to be included in the Beautification Project call (318) 259-2385 or go by the Jonesboro Town Hall, located at 128 Allen Avenue in Jonesboro. Please note that as a condition of being part of the project is that the property owner is required to clean up of the area after a structure has been burned or razed. 

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