Town of Jonesboro enters into Co-Op Endeavor agreement with JPSO

In a special called meeting on Friday, June 22nd, the Board of Aldermen entered into a Cooperative Endeavor agreement with the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office. In additional action, board members James Ginn, Nia Evans-Johnson, Robbie Siadek, Robert Hunter and Devin Flower approved three Ordinances relating to the fiscal year 2023-24 budget of revenues and expenditures. 

Jonesboro Mayor James “Spike” Harris opened the session by explaining why he recommend that the town council consider entering into the agreement with the sheriff.

“The town was unable to fulfill our obligation to provide the infrastructure necessary to supply water and sewer from our utility system to the facility being built by the Sheriff’s Office,” said Harris. “As result the Sheriff paid for the costs of the construction necessary and has agreed to be paid back by receiving credit on the prospective water and sewage bills up until the amount of construction is met.”

The amount expended by the Sheriff to construct the water and sewer mains located on town property was $253,211.69. As it was concluded that the town would receive benefit from this and future connections associated with proposed additional facilities being built by the Sheriff’s Office at or near the location of the new jail on Gansville Road the board agreed to enter into the Co-Operative Endeavor. 

In final business the board agreed to adopt the following three Ordinances.

Ordinance 2023-03: Budget of Revenues and Expenses|
Ordinance 2023-04: Budget of Sewer Revenue and Expenses
Ordinance 2023-05: Budget of Water Revenue and Expenses



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