Donations asked by Special Ed Teacher for upgrade of Resource Room at JHHS

Special Education Resource teacher, Mrs. Amiee Larche, is asking for your help in upgrading the environment of the Resource Room for her students at Jonesboro-Hodge High School. Donations are being accepted through the Donors Choose website at or by clicking here

“At the suggestion of one of my Sped Pro facilitators, I decided to create a donors choose page for my resource classroom at JHHS. I really want to invest in my students and our program and would appreciate any donations! I am sure my students would be excited to get any of the items on our list! This is my personal donors choose page and is in no way associated with the school.”

My Project
“As I begin my second year as the Special Education Resource teacher at JHHS, I would also like to begin investing into my classroom environment. My students’ exceptionalities can make sitting in standard classroom environment challenging. Some of my students have sensory issues. Other have trouble focusing. Many don’t feel comfortable in a desk. I would like my students to feel not only welcome in my room, but safe. It is so important that they are comfortable in the resource setting as it makes direct instruction much more meaningful. I realize that some of the items I am requesting are quite expensive, but please know that any amount you can afford will be appreciated! My students will be so happy!”  – Mrs. Amiee Larche

The goal hoped to reach is $4,818.00 which will provide for the following:

(1)  Three Wren Kidney Activity Tables
(2)  One Classroom-Safe Glider Rocker 
(3) Two Student/School Chairs
(4) One Jumbo Beanbag Seat
(5) One six foot corner Seating Rug
(6) One carton of TCell Passive Air Care Citrus Refills
(7) One Weighted Lap Pad
(8) One carton of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
(9) One Weighted Shoulder Wrap
(10) One Echo Dot Smart Speaker
(11) One large Antimicrobial Wiggle Seat
(12) One carton of 8 oz. Gel Hand Sanitizer 
(13) One classroom pack of 30 Calming Strips
(14) One Calming Cuddle Ball
(15) Three packs of Easy Peel Laser Address Labels
(16) One Blue Square Vibrating Cushion
(17) One Wall Clock with Raised Numerals
(18) One Echo Glow Multicolor Smart Lamp
(19) One unit of Metallic Sensory Slime
(20) One unit of Sensory Rings
(21) One pack of Sensory Genius Stress Balls
(22) One Fidget Monster
(23) One Rhythm Sticks Musical Instrument

Donors Choose was created in 2000 by teachers for teachers. To date over one billion dollars have been raised to help fund over 2,624,000 projects for teachers across the nation.  

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