Choosing correct internet speed important

As the broadband internet program progresses in Jackson Parish more and more residents are learning that choosing the optimal megabits per second (Mbps) for your internet speed needs is a big deal. Each Mbps represents the capacity to transfer 1 million bits each second. A usage example is the ability to transfer roughly one small photo per second.

The wrong choice can leave you stuck when you don’t have enough speed or when you’ve got too much speed, and you’re paying for much more than you need. 

To help in determining what is the optimum internet speed for each individual the team at Allconnect invites you to visit where you can learn about the following and more.

On-site speed test to determine your current internet speed
Exclusive infographic on how much internet speed you need
Recommended internet speeds for streaming
How to improve your internet speeds for online gaming

Frequently asked questions on internet speeds:

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