Stepping up for Seniors! Randy & Rosemary Ewing leading by example

For decades, Quitman residents, Randy and Rosemary Ewing has “stepped up”. Whether it be in a personal, professional or civic capacity, this wonderful benevolent pair has made a life of answering the call of need for not only local residents but those of the entire state of Louisiana. 

This past week the Ewing’s “stepped up” again, this time coming to the aid of local senior citizens. Through the assistance of another local leader, James Bradford, the two presented a check in the amount of $1,000.00 to Jackson Parish Council on Aging (JPCOA) Director, Linda Wyatt, for the purchase of fans for those in need.

The mission of the JPCOA is to benefit the elderly of Jackson Parish in every capacity hey can through the implementation of programs in the Jonesboro and Chatham centers. Director Wyatt appreciates how the local public has shown their love and care for our senior citizens, especially during this trying summer of oppressive heat. 

“We are so appreciative of the support  that has been given for our seniors,” said Wyatt. “It has come from every sector and has been very beneficial.” 

Over the past several weeks, area seniors have been able to stay cool through the donation of fans from Legacy Hospice and the congregation of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. 

Now it is the Ewing’s that have “stepped up” and are also making a call to all Jackson Parish residents to do their part in assisting our senior’s.

“It is a pleasure for us to be able to help our senior citizens during these really hot days. It is our hope that others will also come to their aid through donations to the JPCOA.” 

If any Seniors who are in need of a fan to keep cool, come by the Jackson Council on Aging office at 120 Polk Avenue in Jonesboro from 8:00am -2:00pm and fill out paperwork.

James Bradford donating check from Randy and Rosemary Ewing to JPCOA Director Linda Wyatt

One thought on “Stepping up for Seniors! Randy & Rosemary Ewing leading by example

  1. when my niece cooked and handed out lunches in the heat many years ago and she is a good cook. She sat up on the parking lot of JHHS and sold cheap back then only fwew people came by to buy but Randy did and i appreciated that. My niece may have looked like a country girl but has a heart of gold. This was in coupling with Joe Stanley putting on a show that night in the auditorium. Maybe twenty people came and I thought to myself if it was because my niece got this up? The proceeds went to St Jude!! and it did

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