Local Volunteers “Get Down and Clean Up” to Keep Jonesboro Beautiful

Volunteers showed their pride in being residents of the Town of Jonesboro and the state of Louisiana this past week through their assistance in the Keep Louisiana Beautiful “Get Down and Clean Up” campaign. 

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of our residents for the way they have stepped up when the call when out for volunteers,” said Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce Director Wilda Smith. “This was truly a community effort and our success was only achieved through the generosity of many who contributed their time, equipment and financial support.”

Not only did a bevy of volunteers help with the cleaning up of the town by picking up litter, several projects were undertaken and completed Included was the cleaning out of flower beds, painting and putting decals on the trash receptacles and the painting of the Pocket Park. 

Deserving special mention and thanks are: 

Randy Layfield and grandson Kacin for their help in painting the Pocket Park.
Ricky Meredith (Big Boy Mowing) for cleaning out flower beds and providing mulch.
Warren Bradley for helping clean out flower beds.
Sheryl Robinson Holder for designing the decals that were put on trash receptacles.
Carmen Ramrez Garcia, (Armadillo Grill) for paying for paint used on trash cans.
Jackson Parish Library for supplying litter cleanup supplies. 

Most of all there was JPCC Director, Wilda Smith, who played the biggest role of all by tirelessly working on and coordinating all three projects. 

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