Meet the Tigers! Eric Hudson

NOTE: Football is sport where the majority of fans may know the names and numbers of the players but seldom see their faces and get to know them personally. In an effort to introduce the members of the 2023 JHHS football team, Jackson Parish Journal correspondent, Clay Williams, presents a question and answer interview series with Tiger players. Today – Eric Hudson!

Meet The Tigers

What’s your name, grade, number, and position?
Eric Hudson, 12th, #61, OG/DT

What are your hobbies outside of football?
I like playing video games, spending time with family, and playing basketball with friends.

What is your favorite Pregame meal?
The bacon, egg, and cheese toasters from Sonic are always a go-to of mine.

What is your favorite subject in school?
I’d say science, specifically chemistry, because all the chemical reactions are interesting to me.

Who would you say is your biggest motivation in life?
My father, I hear a lot of good stuff about him and what he did in his athletic career when he played basketball at Quitman, and I want to try to make that impact here on the football field.

Are there any college or NFL players that you take inspiration from?
Trent Williams, who’s a great o-lineman, is a player I love to watch. Also, how can someone not like watching Aaron Donald and his work ethic on the d-line.

What do you think are your biggest strengths you bring to the team?
I would say my vision, ability to see the field, strength, and footwork. Also, my leadership qualities and ability to lead by example.

Any advice for younger players on the team or at the junior high?
Work on your craft, because the more you work, the more you will get better. Try to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, stay close to God.

What are your plans after graduation?
Hopefully I get scholarship for football, but if that’s not in God’s plans, I want to try to go to LA Tech or something close. LSU is also a dream of mine. I want to study computer science because I love technology, and I feel that it runs the world.

Lastly, what are your goals this season for yourself, and the team?
For the team, I want to do my job as well as I can to help us prove all the doubters wrong. Personally, I just want to be a dog on the field, do what I love, and hopefully get a chance to play at the next level.





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