Three local runners take first at Quitman Cross Country Invitational

Quitman Elementary representatives Clay Burton, Anna Pardue and Joseph Delaney took first place in their respective divisions at the Quitman Invitational Cross Country meet held this past Saturday.

Barton and Delaney won the grades 3-4 and 5-6 boys races with Pardue taking gold in the 5-6 girls competition. Additional podium placers (top three) were Quitman runners: Levi Norred – 2nd in K-2 boys, Abby Sullivan – 3rd in 3-4 girls, Asher Norred – 3rd in 3-4 boys, Audrina Martin – 3rd in 5-6 girls and Morgan Cheatwood – 3rd in varsity girls.

Twenty-two local participants from either Quitman or Weston finished in the top ten over the ten races ran at the Jackson Parish Recreation Department Sports Complex. 

Total Results of Jackson Parish Runners

K-2 Girls

8th – Madi Spillman (Quitman)
9th – Eva Martin (Quitman)
27th – Karli Bradford (Quitman)
28th – Charlotte Bradford (Quitman)

K-2 Boys

2nd – Levi Norred (Quitman)
4th – Carter Hall (Weston)
14th – Jake Patton (Quitman)
17th – Dominic Hodnett (Quitman)
21st – Kole Burton (Quitman)
24th – Reese Altheimer (Quitman)
29th – Jeremiah Jones (Weston)
31st – Duke Henderson (Weston)
32nd – Sam Jones (Weston)
37th – Baylor Garrett (Quitman)
38th – Jess Potts (Quitman)
39th – Matthew Buchan (Quitman)
50th – Kolton Laffitte (Quitman)

3-4 Girls 

3rd – Abby Sullivan (Quitman)
5th – Harley Jordan (Quitman)
7th – Henley House (Weston)
11th – Miriam Shuler (Weston)
19th – Aubree Allen (Weston)
20th – Justice Faulkner (Weston)
23rd – Raegan Bell (Quitman)
42nd – Hillary Foster (Quitman)
46th – Myla Puth (Weston)

3-4 Boys

1st – Clay Burton (Quitman)
3rd – Asher Norred (Quitman)
11th – Kaine Stasson (Weston)
12th – James Lewis (Weston)
24th – Easton Buchan (Quitman)
27th – Klay Roge (Quitman)
28th – Eli Jones (Weston)
39th – Mayson Terral (Quitman)
50th – Jax Davis (Weston)
53rd – Maddox Naron (Quitman)

5-6 Girls

1st – Anna Pardue (Quitman)
3rd – Audrina Martin (Quitman)
8th – Karlee Altheimer (Quitman)
11th – Elliott Savage (Quitman)
13th – Bella Caskey (Quitman)
15th – Raelynn Cox (Quitman)

5-6 Boys

1st – Joseph Delaney (Quitman)
7th – Carson Savanna (Quitman)
8th – Johnny Caldwell (Quitman)
10th – Shepard Norred (Quitman)
25th – Josiah Ramsey (Quitman)
32nd – Brody Garrett (Quitman)

7-8 Girls

6th – Addi Faber (Quitman)
7th – Sunni Altheimer (Quitman)
9th – Teyton Naron (Quitman)
14th – Elsie Flynn (Weston)
17th – Sophie Droddy (Weston)
18th – Skyleigh Webb (Quitman)

7-8 Boys

4th – Joseph Delaney (Quitman)
10th – Shepard Norred (Quitman)

Varsity Girls

3rd – Morgan Cheatwood (Quitman)
7th – Megan Kelly (Quitman)
12th – Tessa Watlington (Weston)
15th – Lindsey Woods (Quitman)
21st – Hadassa Tilley (Quitman)

Varsity Boys

5th – Gage Horton (Quitman)
12th – Braden Smith (Quitman)
24th – Jayden Harts (Quitman)
27th – Nathan Harvey (Quitman)
35th – Emory Caskey (Weston)








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