Jackson Parish Police Jury handles personnel decisions

Personnel decisions held most of the agenda spotlight when the Jackson Parish Police Jury held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on September 19th at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center in Jonesboro. 

The session opened with Todd Lamkin asking Juror members to consider putting speedbumps on Lamkin Road, citing a problem with speeding that he stated was causing a dangerous situation.

“I am here tonight to request something be done on Lamkin Speedway,” said Lamkin when referring to the road that goes in front of his house. “Vehicles are driving 60 and 70 mph down the road and something has to be done about it. The Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office patrols the road regularly but can’t be there all the time and with the large amount of traffic that uses the road, something has to be done. I am requesting that the Police Jury put speed bumps down to slow speeders down as it has become a very dangerous situation.” 

After the public comment portion was completed jurors agreed to give permanent employment status to Wayne Anderson, and to Todd Brazil Teressa Johnson once they have completed their 60 day probationary period. 

In further personnel decisions Kelvin Calahan had his employment extended to October 7th for disability retirement purposes and Charles Robinson was granted extra time to gain his Class  A commercial driver’s license.

The Jury also agreed to advertise for a General Laborer – Grounds Keeper position in the Maintenance Department and allow the Operations Manger, Road Superintendent and Solid Waste Superintendant to use laptop computers for clocking in/out in lieu of using a biometric time clock. 

Dodson Enterprise was approved to handle a drainage issue at the Jackson Parish Museum for a cost of $7,500.00 and Trevor Hall was granted a $2,650.00 contract  to power wash the first floor of the Jackson Parish Courthouse. 

Additional financial considerations approved was moving $811,347.00 that was in a Landfill Closure Fund into a 40 month Certificate of Deposit at the Jonesboro State Bank. Westrock Inc. was also approved for a sales tax exemption for the remainder of the Woodyard Project. 

“We felt that since Westrock has been  been paying sales taxes on the project up to now and has been such a substantial contributor to Jackson Parish that the Jury should honor their request while they are in the middle of their company going through being bought out,” said Police Jury President Todd Culpepper.

Jackson Parish Tax Assessor Glynn Kirkland also appeared before the panel providing information on the 2023 tax assessment for the parish where he indicated that for the first time since 2013 there was an increase in revenue generated. 

“I am pleased to announce that there has been an 8% increase in the tax value from a year ago,’ said Kirkland who explained the reason for the additional funds. “The main reason is that 35 of the 47 tax exemptions held by Westrock expired. There was also an uptick in revenue generated by pipeline activity.”

A request by LaSalle Management to pay discounted rent for using the Sunshine Rood in  the Jackson Parish Administration Building for training purposes died from not receiving a second to the motion. 

In final actions the Jury agreed to change orders in the 2023 Road Program and to approve a substantial completion road contract. The session concluded after Jackson Parish Museum Board president Barbara Johnson gave a report on activities at the Museum. 

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