Ward 3 Fire District hosts Opioid Overdose Training Class at JPASD

The facts regarding Opioid use are staggering!

The number of Opioid overdoses have increased in the United State by 1040% over the past decade. Close to 80% of drug overdose deaths over the same period is attributed to the misuse of Opioids. 

First Responders in Jackson Parish are not only aware of the incredible statistics but doing something about it.

Recently the Ward 3 Fire Protection District hosted a Opioid Overdose Training Class at the Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District Training Center led by instructor Jeff Carpenter.

Death following opioid overdose is preventable if the person receives basic life support and the timely administration of the drug naloxone. Naloxone is an antidote to opioids that will reverse the effects of an opioid overdose if administered in time. Naloxone has virtually no effect in people who have not taken opioids.

Those in attendance of the seminar training class were not only taught how to use Naloxone but now the certified Firefighters are equipped with potentially life saving medication.

Opioids are commonly used for management of pain  and include heroin, morphine, codeine, fentanyl, methadone, tramadol, and other similar substances. After intake, opioids can cause euphoria, which is one of the main reasons why they are taken for non-medical reasons.

Opioid use can lead to death due to the effects of opioids on the part of the brain which regulates breathing. An opioid overdose can be identified by a combination of three signs and symptoms:

pinpoint pupils
difficulties with breathing



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