Chatham Council approves making Chief of Police appointed position

The Village of Chatham held its regularly scheduled Council meeting on October 10th. Present were Mayor Gregory Harris, council members Toni Malone, Sue Proffer, and Mike Wilson. Council members Bernadean James and Laverne Mixon were absent. Visitors present were John Mize and Brenda Williams.

The session started with the panel taking care of the standard monthly business such as accepting the minutes from the previous month’s meetings, paying all monthly bills and accepting financial statements as presented.

The council then turned their attention to the five items on the agenda which were disposed of in the fashion described below.

  1. Discussed repealing current mobile home Ordinances 12-126 and 12-164. It was decided that a new mobile home ordinance would be introduced at the regular meeting in November.
  2. Adopt the Language Access Plan.
  3. Get other estimates on the repair of the F250 utility truck and to bring to the table at the regular meeting in November.
  4. Introduce an ordinance at the regular meeting in November to call for a special election on March 23, 2024, to change the chief of police position from elected to appointed.
  5. Gave approval for the Clerk’s office to contact Emergent Enforcement Solutions, LLC about their automated traffic solutions.

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