LHSAA Unveils Reclassification Numbers For 2024-26 School Years

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) has just unveiled its enrollment figures for the upcoming 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years, setting the stage for a crucial reclassification period.

While the list is not a final draft if the numbers hold as they are currently Jonesboro-Hodge High School will drop down to Class A, while Weston and Quitman will remain Class B schools. Neighboring schools Saline, Dodson and Calvin stay in Class C.

The list provided by the LHSAA shows the population numbers for every public high school in the state. It also shows a continuing trend over the past several years of JHHS losing students and Weston and Quitman gaining. The numbers this year are closer than ever before among the three as Jonesboro-Hodge has 211 students, Weston has 210 and Quitman 209. 

The cutline between Class 2A and A is 230 students. Anything over the mark goes to Class 2A while under drops to Class A. The cut point to be a Class B school is also at 231 – 109. The reason a school is classified as Class B school when having the same population as a Class A school is that a school that plays football with those numbers play in Class A while those who don’t field a football team plays on Class B

In a process that commenced with schools submitting their enrollment data in October, these numbers will serve as the foundation for determining the classification and realignment of schools over the next two years. The outcomes of this classification will significantly impact the landscape of extracurricular activities governed by the LHSAA.

As per a memo posted on the organization’s official website, the inaugural classification meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2023. During this event, school principals who choose to appeal their placement will have the opportunity to present their cases before the classification committee, seeking the classification that best suits their institution. It’s essential to note that the deadline for schools to submit petitions for their desired classification is October 31, and the submission cutoff is at Noon.

At Classification Meeting #1, the committee will examine the division of schools, make placements for schools that opt to play in higher classifications and divisions, and hear appeals regarding classification matters.

Member schools are granted until Noon on October 31 to declare their intentions of playing in higher classifications and divisions, further influencing the classification process.

Following the initial Classification Meeting, the LHSAA will unveil a proposed districting plan to member schools. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for November 13, providing an opportunity for additional appeals to be heard, thereby shaping the future of high school athletics in Louisiana.

To see complete lists of schools and their classification click here. 

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