JPASD Employee Spotlight: Sarah Diffey – Paramedic

Sarah began her career in EMS 4 1/2 years ago. Although that does not seem like a long time, she is no newcomer to public service. Sarah has been a volunteer member of Ward 3 Fire Department  for 12 years as a First Responder, where she responds to medical as well as fire calls in the community. Sarah has responded to 421 requests from people in the need of help this year.

Sarah has been a vital component in Natural Disaster Response for the state of Louisiana as well as FEMA response to other states. Sarah recently completed Hurricane Disaster Response in Florida for Hurricane Idalia, where she was tasked with door-to-door searches and provided assistance with an inundated 911 system in Hamilton and Duke Counties. Sarah was also a pivotal employee during the Hurricane Ida Response in ’21 and the ice storm of ’21 that devastated Louisiana. 

Sarah is a very active member in state and community programs, she uses her expertise to mentor to the youth and donates her time unselfishly as a volunteer with Jackson Parish 4-H and also as a volunteer for the Louisiana Chapter of Girl Scouts summer camp program. 

Sarah is a mother to 3 children, Summer, Mary Ann and Lane. While she is enjoying her home life Sarah loves to cook and finds tending to her livestock as relaxing. She is an avid camper, often she can be found at Jimmie Davis State Park enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Thank you, Sarah for your dedication to the residents of Jackson Parish, we value you as our employee at JPASD.

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