Meet the Tigers! Chance Leonard

NOTE: Football is sport where the majority of fans may know the names and numbers of the players but seldom see their faces and get to know them personally. In an effort to introduce the members of the 2023 JHHS football team, Jackson Parish Journal correspondent, Clay Williams, presents a question and answer interview series with Tiger players. Today – Chance Leonard!

What’s your name, grade, number, and position?
Chance Leonard, 12th, #2, Running Back

What are your hobbies outside of football?
I work at Popeyes and I like playing video games with my friends.  I also play basketball for the school.

What is your favorite pregame song?
Anything by NBA Youngboy. He always gets me hyped up and ready to play.

What is your favorite subject in school?
Math, I’ve liked math since I was a kid.

Who would you say is your biggest motivation in life?
My dad, because there’s been times where he had it hard, but he still always makes sure to motivate me not give up and go harder.

What college/NFL player/professional athlete do you take inspiration from?
Marshawn Lynch has always been my favorite player, and he reminds me of how I play with his tough running style. He’s just got that dog in him.

What college/NFL player/professional athlete do you take inspiration from?
Tank Dell, his route running and speed is awesome to watch, and even though I play corner he helps me to study from the other side of the ball.

What is something important a coach has taught you?
“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it” is a quote Coach Hicks always tells us.

What is your favorite memory from playing football?
The semifinals, because the environment was so crazy, and there were so many people in the crowd. It was different than anything I’ve ever experienced.

What are your thoughts about the team’s play during the regular season?
We did good, I just wish I wouldn’t have been injured and could’ve helped the team more. We’re locked in now and ready to go.

Any advice for younger players on the team or at the junior high?
Never give up, no matter what happens or comes your way.

What are your plans after graduation?
I want to get a scholarship to play football, but if not, either try to go to the military, or get my CDL license and get to work.


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