Quitman pair named 2B first team girls All-District

Geoffrey Underwood and Kylee Portilloz of District 2B girls champion Choudrant swept post season all-district Coach of the Year and Player of the Year honors but the backcourt on the 2B All-District girls team belonged to Quitman High as Clara Womack and Bethany Leach both earned first team designation.

Brayli Stewart of Quitman and Emma Kate McBride of Weston was named to the second team. Lauren Maxwell, Lexie Robinson and Mallory Tolar of Weston and Florence Curaza of Quitman received Honorable Mention.
Additional first team honorees were Alexia Hester of Simsboro and Katie Wiley of Choudrant with Jamillion Harris and Tytiana Jones of Simsboro and Alexus Tate of Choudrant being named to the second team.

First Team Girls 2B All-District Team
1. Kylee Portilloz (MVP) Choudrant 16.8 ppg 13.8 rpg
2. Clara Womack Quitman 15.8 ppg 5.6 rpg
3. Bethany Leach Quitman 8.9 ppg 3.5 rpg
4. Alexia Hester Simsboro n/a n/a
5. Katie Wiley Choudrant 15.0 ppg 4.3 rpg

Second Team All-District
1. Emma Kate McBride Weston
2. Brayli Stewart Quitman
3. Jamillian Harris Simsboro
4. Tytiana Jones Simsboro
5. Alexus Tate Choudrant

Honorable Mention
1. Lauren Maxwell Weston
2. Lexie Robinson Weston
3. Mallory Tolar Weston
4. Florence Curaza Quitman
5. Kaylie Bradshaw Choudrant
6. Emma Underwood Choudrant
7. Gracie Watts Simsboro

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