COVID-19 Update: First Two Deaths Reported in Jackson Parish

Ever since documentation regarding COVID-19 was made available Jackson Parish had been able to make the claim that nobody had died locally from the epidemic. That is no longer case. According to reports issued on April 27th by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO) two people are now listed as having succumbed to the Coronavirus.

Further updates show that 64 positive cases have been determined to date with 59 of those still being active. Five have been hospitalized and three have recovered. The names of the two who fell victim have not been released.

“I encourage people not to let your guard down just yet as it appears that in Jackson Parish we have not met our peak,” said Sheriff Andy Brown. “The numbers continue to rise. Please continue to use personal protective equipment if you get out in areas where other people are gathered.”

According to information provided by the Louisiana Department of Health on April 28th, there are now 27,286 cases shown statewide but the rate of growth slowed over the last week. The number of deaths reported was 1,758.

The majority of those affected continue to be in south Louisiana with Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, which are the two associated with the New Orleans area, combining for 12,515 of the cases and 750 of the deaths. East Baton Rouge Parish is third with 1,787 cases and 125 deaths with Caddo Parish showing the most in north LA with 1,497 cases and 100 deaths.

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