2020 Graduation Ceremonies Take on Consolidated Parish Effect

This past May 26th – 28th graduation ceremonies for Jonesboro-Hodge, Quitman and Weston High School took place just like they do every year. Only this year it wasn’t held at each respective school. Instead each of our parish schools saw the Class of 2020 walk to the podium to receive their diplomas at the Jackson Parish Recreation Department.

It all began on May 26th when Weston High honored their graduates followed the next night by the seniors of Jonesboro-Hodge taking their place on stage. Quitman High graduates wrapped up the three day event on May 28th that will forever be remembered as a one of a kind parish wide event.

Due to the “social distancing” requirements and additional restrictions imposed by Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards instead of the faculty, student body, family members and friends assembling at the auditorium at each school to honor the graduates spectators watched the “walk” to received their diploma in their cars that were overflowing the parking lot of the Jackson Parish Recreation Department that graciously hosted the events.

“It was not an ordinary graduation ceremony to say the least,” said JHHS principal Chevonda Leonard. “In a way though I thought it was one of the best ever as this class will always know that they got their diplomas in a way that no other class before them ever has.

To view the Quitman High School graduation you can pull it up on Facebook Live and if you desire to watch the JHHS ceremony you can go to YOUTUBE.COM – Class of 2020 J-HHS Graduation. No information was provided for further viewing of the Weston High graduation ceremony.

Weston High School
Quitman High School
Jonesboro-Hodge High School

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