THANK YOU! – A tribute to the Firefighters of Jackson Parish

Often times the courageous and heroic efforts of the brave men and women of our local Fire Departments get overlooked and taken for granted. Recently, were it not for their efforts, one Jackson Parish family would have lost not only their home but their many treasured possessions as well.

With heartfelt gratitude they convey a stirring tribute to the responders of the Jonesboro, Weston and Quitman fire districts that they felt needed to be recognized for their service to the area. Quite simply it couldn’t be said any better…..

“In the early hours of June 4, smoke began to fill our home and we were filled with terror. As we went through our house rescuing treasures from what we feared would be a terrible loss, we prayed to God to save our home.”

“Over and over we repeated that prayer to ourselves and God saw fit to be merciful to us. Not one, but THREE fire districts, responded to our 911 call. Within minutes our yard was filled with men and women who sole purpose in leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes was to come and try to save ours.”

“They did not come for public recognition. They came in response to some else’s need. They came because of their sense of duty. They came because they are brave and honorable. They came because they are heroes.”

“Early this past Thursday morning, the men and women of the Jackson Parish Fire Districts were OUR heroes. We can never thank them enough for their quick response to our call, their expertise and knowledge of firefighting and their selfless acts in responding to our needs.”

“We will always be grateful for their professional actions and personal compassion. We pray God will always bless them and protect each of them as they continue to protect us all.”

Joey and Debbie Pender

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