Jonesboro Police Department Uses Virtual Reality for Advanced Training

Thanks to modern technology and a Police Chief who embraces the benefits of it the Jonesboro Police Department is receiving what is considered the most advanced training available. This past Sunday, June 7th, Jonesboro Police Chief James “Spike” Harris and his officers took part in the revolutionary “Street Smarts” virtual reality training program.

With the officers wearing the virtual reality headgear, each was presented with simulated situations that ranged from a traffic stop to handling a riot and required to act out how they would handle what could turn out to be life or death confrontations.

“Thankfully in a small community like we have our officers aren’t faced with as many life or death situations as takes place in a big city on a daily basis,” said Harris. “Still these issues arise and we must be prepared to handle them. Through the use of this program there is no scenario that we can’t practice on in order to be prepared as best as we can be.”

Pictured below: JPD Police Chief James “Spike” Harris (seated on left) monitors Officer Galen Arnold (right) during a virtual reality training program

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