Fishing report: Night Tourney’s Bringing in Nice Stringers

For a novice thinking about fishing it is generally thought to be a relaxing thing to do. How hard is it, you say? All you do is sit in a boat and cast all day hoping to get a bite or two, right? That may be true after you have done all the prep work involved in just getting to the lake or your favorite body of water.

For those who fish regularly you know there is a whole lot more to it, especially if you have the boat you are going to fish in. There is nothing easy about getting prepped and ready to go. You have to get the gas, make sure the boat is in good working order, get your gear prepared, buy your baits, etc……

Then you have to deal with Mother Nature, especially this time of year. She can really beat you up. First there is the temperature you have to deal with as it regularly creeps into the mid 90’s. You haven’t been hot until you have been on the lake with the sun bearing down on your all day. Got to take precautions to stay hydrated and not get sunburned.

Then there are the summer “thunder boomers” that pop up seemingly every day. There is hardly a scarier time than getting caught on the lake with lightning and thunder popping all around you. It is no fun at all.

What is the option? Well, fishing at night is a good choice. It is recommended that you know the area you are fishing in really good though because things look different at night than during the day. It is also a good idea to take a scouting trip or two at night before you decide to actually go fishing.

Over the past several weeks anglers on Caney Lake have had the opportunity to try their luck at night each Thursday night at the weekly bass tourneys sponsored by Hooks Marina. To enter contact Hooks Marina at 249-2347 See below for results from the last two weeks. Also check out the pull up icon at bottom of article for tips on what is bringing in the fish at local waterways.

Final results for Hook’s Marina Thursday Night Amateur 3 Bass Blast on June 27th (27 teams)

1st Place: Brandon Brown & Braydon Brown (11.21lbs.)

2nd Place: Dustin Shellette & Zack Gilbert (8.48lbs)

3rd Place: Seth Kile & Spencer Hofler (8.38lbs) & Big Bass (6.68lbs)

4th Place: Jerry Pate & Chase Cruse (8.23lbs)

Final Results for Hooks Marina Thursday night Amateur 3 Bass Blast on June 19th (30 teams)

1st Place: Brett Hester & Corey Parham (19.11lbs) & Big Bass (8.77lbs)

2nd Place: Trey Bayles & Brandon Morris (12.28lbs)

3rd Place: Seth Kile & Spencer Hofler (11.78lbs)

4th Place: Chuck McGuire & Kerry McGuire (11.40lbs)

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