PLAY BALL! JPRD Begins Summer League Baseball/Softball Games

Hallelujah! After weeks and weeks of waiting the summer leagues for the youth of Jackson Parish is finally beginning. Games actually began on Monday, June 29th: but due to press time reports will be provided next week.

What is shown below is the upcoming schedule from the dates beginning July 1st – July 8th for the three boys and girls leagues as well as Wee Ball and Tee Ball competition. What you can expect from the Jackson Parish Journal in the upcoming weeks is full game score coverage and standings in each league as the season progresses. You might even get to see you favorite youngster in a picture as well.

If you have a photograph you would like to see published please send pics to:

It is our goal to show as many pictures as we can each week in an attempt to let the youth of our parish have their day in the sun, so to speak. BATTER UP!!

Jackson Parish Recreation Department Games Schedule Week of July 1 – 8

Boys 7 & 8

3-Jul       6:00        SOUTHERN KUSTOMS                               MERCY MEDICAL                              FIELD 2

                7:30        TRAINAS BAKERY                                              SPS                                                         FIELD 2

7-Jul       6:00        TRAINAS BAKERY                                              MERCY MEDICAL                              FIELD 2

                7:30        SOUTHERN KUSTOMS                                    SPS                                                         FIELD 2

Boys 9 & 10

2-Jul       6:00        RHODES FARMS                                                HODGE BANK                                    FIELD 2

6-Jul       6:00        HODGE BANK                                                    SOUTHERN KUSTOMS                    FIELD 2

                7:30        HODGE BANK                                                    RHODES FARMS                                FIELD 2

Boys 11-13

2-Jul       6:00        SIX POINT                                                            ACADEMY MORTGAGE                  FIELD 1

                7:45        PARDUE BUILDERS                                           JONESBORO GLASS                         FIELD 1

6-Jul       6:00        PARDUE BUILDERS                                           ACADEMY MORTGAGE                  FIELD 1

                7:45        SIX POINT                                                            JONESBORO GLASS                         FIELD 1

Girls 7 & 8

3-Jul       6:00        JONESBORO STATE BANK                              LEACH’S LINE DRIVERS                   FIELD 3 

                7:30        JOHNNY’S PIZZA                                               HEYHUNNER                                      FIELD 3 

7-Jul       6:00        JOHNNY’S PIZZA                                               LEACH’S LINE DRIVERS                   FIELD 3 

                7:30        JONESBORO STATE BANK                              HEYHUNNER                                      FIELD 3 

Girls 9 & 10

2-Jul       6:00        PRO CAR SPARKLE & SHINE                          LEACH’S TURF DIVAS                      FIELD 3 

                7:30        EXTREME NUTRITION                                     VANGUARD REALTY                        FIELD 3 

6-Jul       6:00        PRO CAR SPARKLE & SHINE                          VANGUARD REALTY                        FIELD 3 

                7:30        EXTREME NUTRITION                                     LEACH’S TURF DIVAS                      FIELD 3 

Girls 11-13

6-Jul       6:00        FAMILY PHARMACY                                        CATFISH INN                                      FIELD 4

                7:45        FAMILY PHARMACY                                        LISTLE REALESTATE                          FIELD 4

7-Jul       6:00        CATFISH INN                                                      LISTLE REALESTATE                          FIELD 4

3 & 4 Wee Ball

6-Jul       6:30        JONESBORO ANIMAL CLINIC                       DODSON ENTERPRISES                  T BALL 1

7:15        J & L WORKS                                                      TRIPLE G CARRIAGE                        T BALL 1

                6:30        MCGEE FARMS                                                  JONESBORO STATE BANK              T BALL 2

                7:15        HODGE BANK                                                    OPEN                                                    T BALL 2

5 & 6 Tee Ball

7-Jul       6:30        UPTOWN TANNING                                        JACKSON PARISH BANK                 T BALL 1

7:15        LA FAM MEDICINE CLINIC                             PARDUE BULIDERS                           T BALL 1

                6:30        GREG WILLIAMS LOGGING                          AVERY’S LEGAL EAGLES                  T BALL 2

                7:15        JACKSON PARISH HOSPITAL                         HODGE BANK                                    T BALL 2

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