Correctional Center Reports First Coronavirus Cases

It was bound to happen sooner or later. After all virtually every single Correctional Center across the United States had already experienced an outbreak of COVID-19. What the fact that it has taken so long to reach the Jackson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC) should say to area residents is that the protection program in place by JPCC officials is working very well.

To put it into perspective on June 3rd it was reported that the Winn Parish Correctional Center had 112 COVID-19 cases which was the second highest number among Correctional Centers in the nation. A few weeks before that the Richwood Correctional Center in Monroe saw two guards die from the disease. Now almost three months since the outbreak first rocked America the Jackson Parish Correctional Center is reporting their first four cases among the detainees.

Across the rest of Jackson Parish the numbers looked like this as of June 28th:
Positive cases tested – 205
Recovered – 91
Hospitalized – 0
Deaths – 15
Active cases – 99

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