Jackson Parish Police Jury declares Saturday, October 17th as Volunteer Appreciation Day

It has never happened in Jackson Parish before and hopefully won’t again. A little over six weeks the area residents received their first ever experience of having a storm of hurricane strength rip through the area causing an incredible amount of damage and even claiming a life.

As soon as it was safe to do so recovery efforts went into motion. The result was a tremendous collective effort from not only every local village, town and parish public organizations but also numerous businesses and individuals.

In an effort to show their appreciation board members Amy Magee, Todd Culpepper, Lewis Chatham, John McCarty, Regina Rowe, Tarneshala (Niki) Cowans and Lynn Treadway presented Certificates of Appreciation  and declared Saturday, October 17th Volunteer Appreciation Day at the regularly scheduled October Jackson Parish Police Jury meeting.

Those receiving the Certificates of Appreciation were:

Town of Chatham
Chatham Police Department
Village of East Hodge
East Hodge Police Department
Town of Eros
Eros Police Department
Village of Hodge
Hodge Police Department
Hodge Fire Department District 1
Town of Jonesboro
Jonesboro Fire Department
Jonesboro Police Department
Jonesboro Fire Department District 1
Village of North Hodge
North Hodge Police Department
Village of Quitman
Quitman Police Department
Quitman Fire Department District 1
District 2 Fire Department
District 3 Fire Department
District 4 Fire Department
Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office
Ambulance Service District
Jackson Parish Police Jury OEP Department, Mr. Mark Treadway
Jackson Parish Police Jury Road Department
Jackson Parish Police Jury Solid Waste Department
Jackson Parish Police Jury Maintenance Department
Jackson Parish Police Jury Administration Department
National Guard
Shreveport National Weather Service
State Fire Marshall’s Office
Region 8 GOHSEP
National Guard
Senator Jay Morris
Representative Jack McFarland
McCartney Oil
Reed Plumbing

Police Jury President Amy Magee also read aloud the Proclamation below for Volunteer Appreciation Day in recognition of the Jackson Parish businesses, houses of worship, and citizen volunteers:

WHEREAS, Since the early days of our nation, volunteers have played a vital role in our greatest challenges and triumphs. Volunteer service, whether in times of war or peace is integral in addressing community issues and helps to unite us around a common purpose while still addressing critical needs.

WHEREAS, Hurricane Laura made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana on Thursday, August 27, 2020; and in her aftermath, the residents of Jackson Parish found their communities in a ‘state of emergency’. The health and well-being of our families, friends, and neighbors which are critical to the continued vitality and prosperity of our parish was threatened.

WHEREAS, our Houses of Worship, our local businesses and our citizens have been dedicated to enriching our towns and villages for decades and have worked hard to make Jackson Parish a better place for everyone. These individuals understand that citizen volunteers are critical to the community.

WHEREAS, the residents of Jackson Parish were able to depend on these volunteers to use their unique knowledge and awareness of the needs in their communities to combine their assets and resources to render an invaluable service during the Jackson Parish Recovery.

WHEREAS, these selfless volunteers were comprised of our businesses, our faith-based organizations, and our citizens they demonstrated commitment through their tireless service. They showed compassion by providing for their neighbors and friends and dedication through passionate involvement and contributions to the overall success of the Jackson Parish Recovery.

WHEREAS, it is important to recognize those who give of themselves for the betterment of their communities, the Jackson Parish Police Jury considers it necessary and proper to highlight those individuals from our businesses, Houses of Worship and citizens for their unwavering support during this critical time.

THEREFORE, the Jackson Parish Police Jury has set aside a day for citizen volunteer service to honor these volunteers, “who through their shared commitment to community service” ,encourage hope, promote benevolence, demonstrate compassion, and strengthen bonds in the Jackson Parish Community. We call upon the citizens of Jackson Parish, as you engage in your activities of service, to use your knowledge, skills, ideas, and creativity to honor, advocate for, and bring awareness to Volunteerism.





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