Jonesboro Assistant Police Chief Ciera Murphy presented life saver award

She was just doing her job. At least that is the way Jonesboro Assistant Police Chief Ciera Murphy thinks. Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson and the Board of Aldermen thinks differently though and that is why she received a special life savers award at the city council meeting this past Tuesday evening. They felt she went above and beyond her duty and as result saved a man’s life.

The award stems from what took place on August 13th when Murphy responded to a shooting at the Jackson Square Apartments. Upon arriving she saw a trail of blood leading to an upstairs domicile. Murphy entered the apartment and saw a man lying on the floor with blood pouring out of his upper leg.

“The way the blood was pumping out it was obvious that the shot had hit the major artery in his leg and I had to get the blood flow stopped or I knew he would soon bleed out,” said Murphy recalling the event. “I saw a shirt nearby, grabbed it up and made a make-shift tourniquet which I applied above the wound.”

Within minutes additional Jonesboro Police Officers, Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Emergency Responders with the Ambulance Service arrived, secured the area and stabilized the victim who eventually made a full recovery.

“There is no question that Assistant Chief Murphy saved this young man’s life,” said Jonesboro Police Chief James “Spike” Harris who did the honors of giving Murphy the award. “It is a true blessing to have someone with her knowledge and capability on our force.”

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