Big Bucks Falling in Lincoln Parish

By: Glynn Harris

These weeks we’re living in right now are some of my favorite times of the year. Several years ago I was asked to write stories for LA Sportsman magazine about big bucks taken around the state. I have written stories on well over one hundred such events over the years, highlighting successful hunts from one end of the state to the other.

This year has been especially rewarding because of  the two dozen or so accounts I have chronicled for the magazine so far, six have been taken right here at home in Lincoln Parish. Following are some of these success stories.

MIKE CHANDLER – On October 2, retired Lincoln Parish school bus driver, Chandler was sitting on his lean-to stand armed with a crossbow when a big 8 point buck, one he had been seeing on his trail camera, walked out at 43 yards and Chandler dropped him.

“When he hit the ground and after all these years of seeing him on camera and finally seeing him in person, I can’t explain how it felt to finally see him in the flesh and seeing him go down, knowing I’ve got him,” said Chandler.

The buck was estimated to have at least 140 inches of antler mass.

JAY SMITH – Hunting a tiny 5 acre tract owned by his family on the outskirts of Ruston, Smith was sitting in a homemade ground blind on November 13 when he got the surprise of his life when a really big buck stepped out at 75 yards and Smith was able to get the crosshairs of his scope of his primitive firearm and downed the big 14 point trophy.

“I was supposed to get a haircut that afternoon but something told me I needed to be on my stand and I’m glad I decided the haircut could wait,” Smith recalled. Antlers on this genuine trophy measured 166 2/8.

BRETT NOBLES – On November 15, Nobles decided to walk out behind his house in north Lincoln Parish around Hilly to see if a buck he had gotten a glimpse of the day before might make another appearance.

Propping his rifle on a gate near where he had seen the deer earlier, he was surprised when a buck with a tangle of antler points stepped out and he dropped him. The buck had 14 points and because of the profusion of points, it was difficult to get an exact measurement of the rack which was estimated to score in the mid-40s.

“At first I was planning to just cut off the rack but was talked into caping it out because the rack was so unique,” said Nobles.

SCOTT SIMMONS – Having a chance at a buck with a weird set of antlers not unlike those of Nobles’ buck, on November 2, Simmons sat in an old ground blind on land he has permission to hunt that is located just east of Ruston. He picked up a bottle of Tink’s estrous doe scent and sprayed it into the wind. Within moments, the buck came running into an opening and Simmons dropped him. The buck scored 143 5/8 of antler mass.

CHRIS LEWIS – On the afternoon of November 1, Lewis was hunting a tract of land on his hunting club east of Ruston when a buck he had been after finally stepped out to feed on a pile of Mo-Bucks blend. He downed the big 17 point buck that scored 166 7/8 inches.

MELISSA MADDOX – Maddox and her dad hunt a tract of mixed pines and hardwoods across the road from their rural Lincoln Parish home. On the afternoon of November 23, an impressive buck walked out and she dropped him. The buck with a 10 point rack, scored just over 155 inches.

There is still more than a month left in deer season. Who knows but what more big Lincoln Parish bucks could be making the news.


BUSSEY BRAKE – Bass fishing has been fair around sunken brush and trees with jigs, Rat-L-Traps and spinners picking up a few. No report on other species. For latest information, contact the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

BLACK BAYOU –  Bass have been fair to good on Rogues and crank baits. Crappie and bream are slow. Contact Honey Hole Tackle Shop 323-8707 for latest information.

OUACHITA RIVER – Crappie have been fair fishing submerged tops in the river on shiners or jigs with Gum Drop and Blue Pearl working best. Bass have been fair fishing shad imitation lures around the mouth of the cuts. For latest information, contact the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE D’ARBONNE – The lake is down some five feet. Crappie are fair with jigs and shiners working best fishing 13 feet deep in 18 foot water. Bass have been best in the channels fishing drop shot rigs, jigs or Sinkos. With the lake lowered, everything is mostly active in the deeper channels. A few bream have been The lake is down some five feet after the draw down. Look for crappie to be in the channels caught deep on night crawlers. Catfishing is good on cold worms and night crawlers. For latest reports, call Anderson’s Sport Center at 368-9669 or Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE CLAIBORNE – Bass fishing has been slow this week. Crappie fishing has been good fishing the tops as well as the open water in the thousand foot channel on jigs or shiners. No report this week on stripers. Catfishing has been fair on trotlines baited with chicken livers or blood bait. No report on bream. For latest information, call Tim Loftin at Kel’s Cove at 927-2264.

CANEY LAKE – Bass fishing has been best in deeper water with soft plastics such as drop shot rigs or jigging spoons picking up a few. From photos posted on social media, some good bass have been caught this week. The yellow bass are starting to bite in deep water with some caught on jigging spoons and tail spinners bounced off the bottom. Crappie fishing has been best around deep tops with some caught under the Hwy 4 bridge on shiners or jigs. For latest information contact Bateaux on Caney Lake at 259-6649, Hooks Marina at 249-2347, Terzia Tackle at 278-4498 or the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707.

LAKE POVERTY POINT – Some big catfish to 23 pounds have been caught off the back deck at the marina. Crappie have been fair with better catches made in the afternoons. No report on bass. For latest reports, call Poverty Point Marina at 318-878-0101.

LAKE ST. JOHN – The water is rising and fishing is slow but should improve when water levels are more stable. For information, call Ken Mahoney at 318-201-3821.

LAKE YUCATAN – The water is rising but then should become stable. No fishermen this week, only duck hunters. For information, call Surplus City Landing at 318/467-2259.

LAKE BRUIN – No report. For information, contact Carlos Gray at 318/766-0075.                                       

Check out the rack on this huge 14 point buck taken just east of Ruston by Jay Smith

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