QHS Students and Teachers Receive Prestigious Honor

It is quite an honor and achievement to be named either Student of the Year or Teacher of the Year. It signifies that they are the best of the best and speaks volumes about the environment that is in place at their school.

So what does it say about a school when not one, but THREE students and THREE teachers have been named 2020-21 Student and Teacher of the Year. Furthermore those honored reflect all the educational sectors: Elementary, Junior High and High School.

What is says is that the Quitman High School administration, educational staff and students in every age group is being recognized for setting a shining example of what it means to achieve EXCELLENCE THROUGH EDUCATION!

The three educators who have been designated as Teachers of the Year are Bethany Schimmel (Elementary), April Simonelli (Junior High) and Lydia Clary (High School). Those named as Student of the year are: Hallie Kate Pullig (5th Grade), Cali Deal (8th Grade) and Grace Sharplin (12th Grade).

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