Jonesboro Board of Aldermen President Pete Stringer Provides Christmas Cheer

For years Jonesboro Board of Aldermen President and District C representative Stringer and his wife Rekkeda have given back to the community. Recognizing the difficult times that the Coronavirus has caused this year Stringer and his wife wanted to do something special this Christmas season.

“This has been very difficult year for so many of our area families,” said Stringer.  “Many have suffered with being sick with the virus and some have even lost their jobs.”

The Stringer’s more than accomplished their goal of putting smiles on the faces of some of the children who reside in his ward. This was done through giving bicycles to ten children in Ms. Jones class at Union Bee Head Start.

“My wife and I wanted to do something special this year so that at least for a little while the parents and kids could forget their troubles and have something to smile about,” reflected Stringer when asked the reason for the tremendous gifts. “On behalf of my wife and I we would like to thank Ms. Jones and the Union Bee Head Start school for allowing us to be a blessing to these children.”

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