Early eagle wins Tuesday night scramble for Tolar, Foshee, Vail and Roberts

Two teams finished the Tuesday night scramble held at the Jackson Parish Recreation Department Golf Course with nine-under par scores but it was the team of Ritchie Tolar, Greg Foshee, Joe Vail, Ty Roberts and Bryan Roberts that won the scorecard playoff thanks to the early landing of an eagle. 

Dwayne Harrell, Paul Trosclair, Bo Teat and Jimmy Teat also carded a 27 over the par 36 course but was relegated to second place due to their making a three (birdie) on the par four, first hole compared to the two (eagle) made by the winners. Austin Craig, Dawson Tolar, Randy Layfield, Leyton Lamb and Glen Watkins finished in third with an eight under par score of 28.

To participate all you have to do is sign up by phone (318-259- 7247) or come by in person by 5:00 pm on Tuesday. Cost to enter is $20.00 and a meal is provided after play has ended. Teams are chosen randomly based on a players skill level with an A player, B player, C player and D player assigned to each team. For an example, “A players” are the ones with the lowest handicap. “B players” have the next lowest handicaps out of players left after “A players” have been designated and so on. If a player has no designated handicap, what they score on an average round is used.

March 30th, Tuesday night scramble results:

Ritchie Tolar, Greg Foshee, Joe Vail, Ty Roberts, Bryan Roberts-9**
Dwayne Harrell, Paul Trosclair, Bo Teat, Jimmy Teat-9
Austin Craig, Dawson Tolar, Randy Layfield, Leyton Lamb, Glen Watkins-8
Tommy C., Todd Abercrombie, Ray Walsworth, Chris Knighten -7
Leigh Cathey, Hunter Alexander, Jeff Conville, Drew Huddleston, Gary Willis-5
** – won by scorecard playoff

Upcoming schedule: (April 4-10)

April 6th – Tuesday night scramble
April 8th – Free youth golf clinic (4:00-5:00pm)

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