Views on proposed sales tax increase to be shared this Monday at Public Hearing

Speak now or forever hold your peace. This instruction that a preacher gives the audience just before uniting a couple at a wedding fits in matrimony is also fitting for what will take place this Monday evening. That is when the final Public Hearing takes place at 5:15pm at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center, located at 182 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro, on the proposed 1% sales tax increase that will be decided in the upcoming Saturday, April 24th, election. 

Proponents and opponents of the referendum will have their chance to voice their opinions before what is expected to be an overflow crowd. The session will take place just before the regularly monthly meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury. Parish officials remind everyone that the “mask mandate” and “Phase 3” social gathering protocol guidelines will be enforced.

Helpful tips involving speaking at a Public Hearing:

(1) Be clear and concise! – Emotions run high at events such as this which often times leads to rambling while speaking. This can dilute the points you are trying to make. 
(2) Present relevant facts on your position! While the platform allows you to voice your opinion, having accurate facts to back up your position gives more credence to what you are saying.
(3) Keep your presentation brief! Make your words count. Often times there is a time limit for each speaker and you want to make sure you say everything you intend on sharing. 
(4) Have your thoughts written down! – This helps you stay on track and remember all that you want to say.
(5) Practice makes perfect! Speaking before a large audience can be overwhelming. Rehearsing what you are going to say will help ease any tension. 


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