Dedication ceremony for 2nd Lt. Harvel Moore Memorial Highway held April 9th

On April 9th, in accordance with Act 26 of the 2019 Louisiana Legislative Session, a portion of La. Highway 34 located in  Chatham, was dedicated to Second Lieutenant Harvel Moore. Enlisted with the US Marine Corps in 1940 and killed in action on the third day for the battle of Tarawa Island, Moore was awarded a Silver Star for aiding a fellow Marine in need of help.moorehighway
Senator Jay Morris, who was among several local and state dignitaries gave a touching tribute. “It is an honor to see our community recognizing Veterans for their fight and for everything given in the name of our country. Lieutenant Moore died on the third day of battle, but we can celebrate his life and acknowledge his sacrifice through this dedication ceremony.”

In tribute to Moore a Highway sign was placed on the corner of Hwy 4 and Hwy 34 in Chatham. If you would like to learn more about Moore go to:

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