Melba Tatum recognized in Forest Haven Nursing Home”Staff Spotlight”

Melba Tatum has provided the residents of Forest Haven with almost 40 years of dedicated and compassionate care.melba2 For this reason, Melba has been selected to be featured in the inaugural “Forest Haven Staff Spotlight”. Melba has mentored numerous staff members over the years. She always takes time to instill into them the values of the facility that makes her the exceptional employee that she is. Melba enjoys attending church and spending time with her children and grandson, Cannon. Melba was selected as the “Certified Nursing Assistant of the Year” for the state of Louisiana at their annual convention in 2019. We are honored to have Melba as a part of our Rockstar Team at Forest Haven!

2 thoughts on “Melba Tatum recognized in Forest Haven Nursing Home”Staff Spotlight”

  1. The very fist time I met this young lady was when I had to put my Mom in the nursing home and she said don’t worry we will take good care of her, and she stuck to her word. Never seen a caring lady like her. She loves her job and it shows the way she treat her patients. Thanks Melba you are truly an angel. God bless you.

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