Police Jury to consider charging fees at landfill at meeting on Monday

To paraphrase Newton’s third law of relativity “For every action there is a reaction.” Last month Jackson Parish voters overwhelmingly voted down the Jackson Parish Police Jury’s (JPPJ) appeal to add 1% to the sales tax to help defray expenses of the Solid Waste Department. As result the the local governing body is now forced to look at other avenues to offset related costs.

According to the agenda of their regularly scheduled monthly meeting to be held at 5:30 pm on Monday, May 10th at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center, JPPJ members will consider the following recommendations made by the Operations Committee. 

(1) Impose a flat rate scale fee of $25.00 for residents at the landfill.|
(2) Impose a fee of $45.00 per ton for any entity that uses the transfer station and/or landfill, including municipalities. 
(3) Restrict use of the transfer station to only the JPPJ. Municipalities will no longer have access and will need to establish their own contracts. 
(4) Combine the mechanics into one mechanics shop and have the Policy and Personnel Committee develop a plan for implementation. 

In additional action the panel of Todd Culpepper (District 1), Lewis Chatham (District 2), President Amy Magee (District 3), John McCarty (District 4), Tarneshala “Niki” Cowans (District 5), Regina Rowe (District 6) and Lynn Treadway (District 7) will consider accepting the recommendations of the following committees as well.

Finance Committee – Accept the 2021-22 Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance renewal and approve the 2021 Quarter One budget amendments

Policy and Personnel Committee – Issue certificates of appreciation to parish board members when they come off a board in good standing, amend the Road Dept. Organization Chart to combine two Operator I positions into one Operation II position and authorize the re-hiring of James Holland as Operator II – Level II, adopt a policy for renting out the Sunshine Room for public events and not adopt the Groundwater Protection Ordinance. 

Project Committee – Authorize the Maintenance Dept. to relocate their office to the west end of the Courthouse and allow the existing office and conference room to be used for the purposes of a public defenders office. 

In other business members will consider and act on accepting the resignation of Mr. Lavelle Smith from the Watershed Board, appoint Ms. Tammy Gunter  and Mr. Gary Joiner to the Tourism Board for a 2-year term and consider other nominees and appointments. 

Also consideration will be given to adopting the 2022-23 LCDBG Procurement Policy, the 2022-23 LCDBG Procurement Resolution, the 2022-23 LCDBG Citizen Participation Plan, the 2022-23 LCDBG Citizen Participation Resolution and the 2021-22 Lease Agreement with the E-911 Communications District. 

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