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Letter to the Editor:

Let me begin by saying thanks to Mr. Ben Ledbetter for starting the Jackson Parish Journal to provide the citizens with local news and other reliable information. I must admit that I had not seen nor even heard of the new Journal until Wednesday morning when I walked into Four Corner’s Coffeehouse in Jonesboro and was greeted with, “Man, ya’ll sho had a heated meeting last night.” I then opened up my laptop, typed in Jackson Parish Journal, and began reading the many headlines. I soon came upon one that read “Undercard Battle.” Although the article did not prick my interest at first, I began speed reading and quickly discovered that it was all about the Council meeting I had attended that Tuesday night.

The reporter stated that Mayor Thompson and I had “acted like children.” Let me make one thing clear: I cannot and will not speak for Mayor Thompson; but if standing up or speaking up for the children of Jackson Parish is “acting like children,” then I will continue to be childish. The reporter also stated that I asked the Council to renounce previous action taken, charging the Boys and Girls Club $500.00 per month for rent. To the contrary, I asked the Council to offer a motion that would bring up the question again for their consideration. This, in effect, would be a motion to rescind or amend an action previously adopted. Yes, Mayor Thompson and I did engage in a heated discussion after Mayor Thompson made several untrue statements. I freely admit that we both spiraled totally out of order. But I refuse to apologize for trying to keep the Boys and Girls Club in Jackson Parish.

Mayor Thompson stated that the Town couldn’t afford to let the B&G Club use the recreation center for free. Yet, he wanted the Council to allow him to purchase a $30,000 vehicle for him to drive around in, which begs me to raise the question, “Why can’t the Mayor purchase himself a personal vehicle with the $60,000 salary he receives as Mayor. After all, that’s what we all do. I close this letter by asking the citizens of Jackson Parish to join me in supporting the Boys and Girls Club and by asking the Mayor and Council to reconsider the previous action of charging the Club for rent. Let’s remember, the Boys and Girls Club consists of “OUR BOYS and OUR GIRLS in Jackson Parish!”

We wish to thank Mr. Eldonta’ Osborne, Chief Executive Officer, Boys and Girls Clubs North Louisiana, for providing services to the boys and girls of Jackson Parish. We, the citizens of Jackson Parish, can also show appreciation by sending a monetary donation to:

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Louisiana
P.O. Box 1844
Ruston, LA 71273

Thank you,

James Bradford

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