Adopt-A-Road / Adopt-A-Spot program presented

On the heels of the parish wide “Clean-Up” day that was held last month, Jeff Hairston, representing the Caney Lake Community Foundation, wants to see Jackson Parish residents, businesses and organizations take things a step further. Actually, about a mile further. 

That is how far it is customary a person, business and organizations to Adopt-A-Road, meaning that who ever commits to that section, agrees to keep it clean from trash and litter. In conjunction with the Adopt-A-Road program is also an Adopt-A-Spot campaign that falls under the same premise but instead of keeping a roadway clean it is a certain area such as a park, boat launch, school, etc.

Hairston presented this idea to the Jackson Parish Police Jury during their meeting held on Monday at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center asking members to help sponsor the program through the payment of commemorative signs that would be placed along roadways and at designated spots. 

“When I first moved to my residence on the lake I was inspired to pick up trash along Lakeshore Drive by seeing my neighbors do so in an effort to keep our area clean and I still do so today,” reflected Hairston. “While traveling, I noticed several parishes and counties had this Adopt-A-Road sign that had the name of who adopted that stretch along their roads. I would like to see our parish have a program like that and I know the members of the Caney Lake Community Foundation would get things started by adopting the entire 4.3 miles of Lakeshore Drive.”

Hairston implored the JPPJ to consider his request citing that this program would help improve civic pride and bring positive attention to various groups/organizations who participate. He also gave additional recommendations on what could be done as part of the program to help keep our parish clean.

(1) Educate the public through motivational signs and slogans. 
(2) Enforce the litter laws that are in place.
(3) Make sure that candidates remove their campaign signs timely by subjecting fines.
(4) Provide more trash receptacles at various places such as parks, boat launches, schools, etc. 

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