Old LP&L building in Jonesboro target of clean-up project

Long time residents of Jonesboro will remember the building located on the corner of Allen Avenue and 4th street as the Louisiana Power & Light (LPL) main office and energy producing station. Those who have moved in over the last twenty years recognize the brick structure as an eye sore. Thanks to the combined effort of the Town of Jonesboro administration and Fire Department the building is now a beehive of activity as part of a concerted effort to clean up the town of blighted structures. 

“Many residents think our program just involves the burning and clearing of abandoned houses,” said Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson. “We are working to clean up everything that is an eyesore to the community.”

According to Fire Chief Brandon Brown this is just one of many structures that are scheduled to be revitalized if possible or razed and even burned if necessary.

“We have a backlog of over 40 structures and locations that we are planning to clean up,” said Brown. “This involves property that residents have requested we clean up by removing unsightly structures and also those places that have been abandoned and have been left to rot.”

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2 thoughts on “Old LP&L building in Jonesboro target of clean-up project

  1. That will be a great job to clean up abandoned buildings. Now if people would do their part and keep clean around those rentals on Cooper Ave. when I was growing up everybody had pride along there

  2. I hope it can be saved.
    But, if not, then it’s time for it to go.
    It’s been there all my lifetime. Valuable property going to waste.
    Hope something good comes of the space.

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