Public speaks out at Police Jury meeting

Several people expressed their opinion during the Public Comments portion that opened the meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury held on Monday, August 9th. See below for each of comments.

Sarah Dark: I would appreciate it if each of you (Police Jury members) would seriously consider dropping the millage rate again on the Library and for the Recreation Department. I would love to see both of the departments continue to do the fine job they do but with times as they are and looks to continue I would hope our parish would spend less and lower the millage and taxes. I also wish the other parish entities were still under the Police Jury’s control so that their millage could be lowered as well. 

Linda Devine: I am against the hiring of an Operations Manager at this time. The residents of our parish needs the trash bins back more than we need an Operations Manager. This is the worst time to bring this up and put more on our plates that are already full. Why hire an Operations Manager?

You (Police Jury) know as well as I do that the position will carry a salary and benefits package of at least $90,000.00. You say that this is being paid this year from ARPA federal funds, but what about next year and the next.? When the federal money is gone, that salary and package will still be there. Where are you going to get the money to pay for that then?

For the last three months all we have been hearing is how much trouble the Solid Waste Department was in. Then you get word that you can use the ARPA money to help Solid Waste and now you are spending that money like a kid in the candy store. 

You already have Superintendents of departments in place, as well as, a Secretary / Treasurer. Turn them loose and let them do what they are paid to do. They don’t need an Operation’s Manager over them. I ask that you rescind the vote to hire an Operation’s Manager at this time. 

You say that the parish can’t afford additional trash bin sites for your residents but you can hire an Operation’s Manager that isn’t needed? Something is very wrong with that. Also we know what all this “cross-training” stuff is about. It isn’t so that a worker from one department can be trained to work in another department if need be but so the Superintendents from the departments and others can train the new Operations Manger. Your action makes me sick to my stomach and you should know that the citizens of this parish is watching you.

Gayle Hobson: With all the new money that we now have and the more that we will soon be receiving from the grant, could you now please repair and repave the roads that have been listed to do so for years? Also can we please have our trash bins back? 
I received a mandate today from the Tax Assessor’s Office that all property is to be reassessed this year. If that is the case then it would be wise to review the millage rates in place on the different entities. The taxes paid need to be lowered to offset these costs as higher property value means higher tax money paid. 

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