Jackson Parish Bowhunters Archery Club shoot winners announced

A good turnout was had at Jackson Parish Bowhunters Archery Club tournament held on August, 7th. Seven different classes shot for top prizes with the winners from each class shown below. 

Men’s 40-yard known
1st Earl Steele-score of 150
Men’s Bowhunters
1st Daniel Laffitte- score of 191
2nd Jared Morris- score of 139
3rd Keith McCaskill- score of 112
Women’s Bowhunter 30-yard maxjpbowhunters logo
1st Patricia Warner- score of 176
2nd Cortney Harvey- score of 134
3rd Teresa McCaskill-score of 120
Junior High 30-yard max
1st Easton Hall-score of 197
Youth 20-yard max
1st Landen Hatten- score of 153
2nd Jase Warner- score of 131
3rd Jaxon Harvey- score of 127
Juniors 6+ 15-yard max
1st Layden Hatten-score of 122
2nd Branden Laffitte-score of 43

The Jackson Parish Bowhunters Archery Club is thankful to all participants that shot. 

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