BETA award winners Beaubouef and Anderson recognized by Jackson Parish School Board

National BETA Convention award winners, Mattie Claire Beaubouef of Weston High and Zoie Anderson from Jonesboro-Hodge, were recognized for their outstanding acheivements by the Jackson Parish School Board (JPSB) and Superintendent David Claxton. The pair were honored druing the regularly scheduled monthly session held at the JPSB Central Office on Monday.

To put into perspective how exemplery their victories were over 13,000 students, representing close to 4,500 high school across the nation, competed in varous categories at the national convention that was held in Disneyland, Florida this past summer. Beaubouef finished in second place in the Division 2 Mixed Media and Service Learning Showcase competitions and won fourth place in Division 2 Drawing. Anderson also finished in fourth place in Division 2 Drawing.

“I am closely affiliated with BETA and I know for a student to win at the national convention is an outstanding accomplishment,” said Supertintendent David Claxton. “To have two winners from our school district is incredible. Both deserve our recognition and  congratulations as does their sponsors and the faculty/staff of both schools.”

In additonal business, prior to the normal session a special meeting took place whee Doug Mitchelll of the North Delta Planning and Development District gave a presentation and discussion in regard to Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds took place.  Board members Gerry Mims, Rickey McBride, Wade McBride, Gloria Davis, Dennis Clary (President), Mary Saulters and Calvin “Bart” Waggoner then agreed levy millage rates for 2021 and adopt the following Committee actions.


1. Payment of General Fund bills in amount of $1,681,979.78
2. Payment of Federal Program bills in amount of $303,372.54
3. Payment of Food Service bills in amount of $69,683.15
4. Payment of Sales Tax bills in amount of $34,371.96
5. Payment of Special Education Fund bills in amount of $4,817.34
6. Payment of District Maintenance bills in amount of $241,465.88
7. Payment of $26,250.00 to Sandifer’s Academic Advising, LLC for ACT Workshops for Jonesboro Hodge High School, Quitman High School and Weston High School on October 31st, December 8th, March 2nd, 2022 and May 31st -June 3rd, 2022, to be paid from ESSER III funds.
8. Payment of $20,000.00 to CDW Government for the renewal of Go Guardian Suite – Subscription License (1Year) for all schools, to be paid from ESSERS II and ESSERS III.
9. Payment of $37,988.75 to Edgenuity for the renewal of My Path Reading and Math Site License, My Path Renaissance Learning STAR Integration Annual Subscription and Digital Libraries Site Licenses at Jonesboro Hodge High School, Jonesboro Hodge Middle School, Quitman High School, Weston High School, to be paid from General fund.
10. Payment of $8,400.00 to SHI International Corporation for the purchase of (30) Chromebooks to be used at Jonesboro Hodge High School, to be paid from 2021-2022 Career Development funds.
11. Hiring of a Paraprofessional for Jonesboro Hodge High School – Self Contained classroom, to be paid out of IDEA funds. This job will be determined on a year by year basis.
12. Extend granting ten (10) Covid days for each employee beginning July 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021, to be paid from ESSERS I and ESSERS III.
13. Purchase of new curriculum for all Agriculture, Math Essentials and Virtual Workplace Experience II classes in the parish at a cost of $10,250.85, to be paid as follows: $2,587.10 from 2021-2022 Career Development Funds, $7,663.75 from 2021-2022 Career and Technical 6% MFP Allocation.
14. Accept low quote of $24,825.97 from Lincoln Electric for the purchase of a Torchmate 4400 CNC Plasma Cutting System for Jonesboro Hodge High School, to be paid as follows: $17,504.00 from 2021-2022 Carl Perkins Funds (pending approval), $7,321.97 from 2021-2022 Career Development Funds.
15. Approval of salary schedules for Certified Teachers, Business Manager and Non-Certified employees.


1. Granted Superintendent Claxton permission to sign an agreement with Altec Environmental Consulting, LLC for Project Management and Air Monitoring at Jonesboro Hodge High School Auditorium, Asbestos Flooring Removal at a
cost of $9,598.38, to be paid from ESSERS II funds.
2. Accepted low quote of $28,204.00 from Gill Industries, LTD for the asbestos abatement project at Jonesboro-Hodge High School Auditorium and low quote of $347,200.00 from Don Barron Contractor for renovation at Jonesboro
Hodge High School Auditorium for a total of $375,404.00, to be paid from ESSERS II funds.
3. Accepted low quote of $15,873.00 from Wood Electronics, Inc. for Intercom Replacement at Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School, to be paid from Jonesboro District funds,
4. Discussed John D. Tolar property, located at Hwy 810 in Jonesboro, LA.


Revisions were approved for the following policies: Parent and Family Engagement – IFD, Expulsion – JDE, Suspension – JDD, Dangerous Weapons – JCDAC, Student Alcohol and Drug Use – JCDAB, Discipline – JD, Student Conduct – JCD


Out of state travel was approved for a Weston High School group on the dates of March 25-27, 2022 or March 31, April 3, 2022to be funded through corporate sponsors, personal donations and fundraisers. It is further designated that the school will not be responsible for the funding of the trip. 

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