Jonesboro Mayor Thompson quells rumors about town unable to pay employees

When you are the Mayor of a town that has seemingly continual financial problem, being asked to address the rumors being circulated that employees weren’t going to be paid because there was no money in the bank didn’t shock him in the least. Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson did verify that Town Clerk Amada Womack has resigned her position but supposed money issues had nothing to do with it.

“It is not a secret that we have been dealing with financials issues for several years so I understand how rumors about the town being broke and not able to pay employees get started,”said Thompson in an exclusive interview with the Jackson Parish Journal. “Be assured though that each and every person has gotten paid when they were supposed to and as much as they had coming.”

In regard to Jonesboro Town Clerk Amanda Walker abruptly resigning her position last week, Mayor Thompson stated she resigned without giving a reason why and that it came as a shock to him.

“It caught me by surprise as I had no clue this was coming,” stated Thompson. “I had several meetings with her the day before and she said nothing to me about it, so I was shocked when I saw her resignation on my desk the next day. I can assure you though it had nothing to do with her not being paid.”

Thompson further stated that he hates to see her go.

“Amanda did a wonderful job for me and the Town of Jonesboro,” reflected Thompson. “I enjoyed working with her and she will be sorely missed.”

In her stead Thompson said he has temporarily assigned Janice Simmons to act as Deputy Clerk and plans to ask to the Board of Aldermen to make this a permanent move at the regularly scheduled meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 12th.

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