Parish roads to be discussed at Police Jury meeting on Tuesday, October 12th

How over a dozen byways, currently classifieds as “roads” will be considered in the 2021 parish road system plan will be a main item of discussion at the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) meeting that will be held on Tuesday, October 10thth. The session will take place at 5:30 pm in the Nathaniel Zeno Jr. Meeting Room of the JPPJ Administrative Building, located at 160 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro.

The byways to be further discussed at the regularly scheduled meeting of the JPPJ on Tuesday, October 10th are: Bolds Road, Bryant Road, Canard Road, Aberdon Road, McKeever Road, Lynn Dewitt Road, Viola Road, C. Osborn Road, Tim Staples Road, Annie Tatum Road, Henderson Road, Flowers Road, Swiss Road and Tatum Road.

This past Monday, October 4th, the JPPJ held their business meeting with members Lewis Chatham, John McCarty, Amy Magee, Tarneshela “Niki” Cowans and Lynn Treadway in attendance. Police Jury secretary/treasurer Gina Thomas, attorney Darrell Avery and Department heads Robin Sessions, Brad Roller, Jody Stuckey, as well as, engineer Paul Riley were also present.

Amy Magee (JPPJ President) opened the session by providing the definition of what constitutes a “road” compared to a “driveway.” As stated a “road” is a means of access that more than one landowner has property on and serves a public purpose or interest. Having only one land owner owning property on both sides of the byway and having an endpoint on that landowner’s property constitutes a “driveway.”

The byways to be further discussed at the regularly scheduled meeting of the JPPJ on Tuesday, October 10th are:
Bolds Road
Bryant Road
Canard Road
Aberdon Road
McKeever Road
Lynn Dewitt Road
Viola Road
C. Osborn Road
Tim Staples Road
Annie Tatum Road
Henderson Road
Flowers Road
Swiss Road
Tatum Road

In additional discussion about parish roads, engineer Paul Riley presented options for future capital outlay projects in regard to work on Lakeshore Drive. Road Superintendent Jody Stuckey and Solid Waste Supervisor Robin Sessions also commented on the collaborated effort that took place on Pardue Loop where the state had been burning.

Magee also informed the board that all of the ARPA funds that were received by the JPPJ have been allocated and no other allocations would be made. OEM Director, Brad Roller, then presented pricing received for a generator, forklift and sandbagging station that could be purchased under Act 119 that provides funds for emergency equipment.

Reports from various committee and board chairpersons followed with the session coming to an end after it was announced that Gracepoint School had requested to receive garbage service from the Police Jury.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need assistance to attend the October 12th meeting, contact Gina Thomas at (318) 259-2361, ext. #3, describing the assistance required.

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