Youth Basketball League providing lasting images

It is said a single picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to those who have heeded the call for action shots, the Jackson Parish Journal is pleased to present a pictorial of Youth Basketball League competition. From the adorable to the amazing, if you have pictures you would like to see published simply send by email to: or text to 318-480-1206. 

Special thanks this week to Kenzie McCurdy, Michael Bogues and Morgan Roberts for taking the time to take pictures shown below for all to enjoy. 

Results of games played on Saturday, February 5th, will be published in Wednesday, February 9th edition.

Schedule of Games on Saturday, February 12th

J-H Middle School Gymnasium

9:00 BULLS vs BUCKS (Ages 5&6)
9:45 CLIPPERS vs LAKERS (Ages 5&6)
10:30 BUCKS vs WARRIORS (Ages 5&6)
11:15 PELICANS vs SPURS (Ages 5&6)
12:00 MERCURY vs ACES (Ages 7&8 Girls)
12:45 HAWKS vs KINGS (Ages 7&8 Boys)
1:30 THUNDER CELTICS (Ages 7&8 Boys)
2:15 BLAZERS MAGIC (Ages 7&8 Boys)

JHHS Girls Gymnasium

9:00 SPARKS vs STORM (Ages 9&10 Girls)
9:45 SKY vs FEVER (Ages 9&10 Girls)
10:30 SKY vs MYSTIC (Ages 9&10 Girls)
11:15 RAPTORS vs GRIZZLIES (Ages 9&10 Boys)
12:00 ROCKETS vs KINGS (Ages 9&10 Boys)
12:45 THUNDER vs CELTICS (Ages 9&10 Boys)
1:30 WINGS vs SUN (Ages 11&12 Girls)

JHHS Boys Gymnasium

9:00 BUCKS vs MAVERICKS (Ages 11&12 Boys)
9:45 BULLS vs SPURS (Ages 11&12 Boys)
10:30 SUNS vs MAVERICKS (Ages 11&12 Boys)
11:15 HORNETS vs LAKERS (Ages 11&12 Boys)
12:00 WINGS vs LYNX (Ages 11&12 Girls)
12:45 DREAM vs LIBERTY (Ages 11&12 Girls)
1:30 HEAT vs BLAZERS (Ages 13&14 Boys)
2:15 CELTICS vs MAGIC (Ages 13&14 Boys)

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