Police Jury tables decision on all 16 parish roads up for new designation

As two of seven members of the Police Jury were absent from the regularly scheduled monthly meeting held Monday evening, the decisions on 16 roads in the parish road system that have been recommended to have their status changed was tabled. The request by the Jackson Parish Museum and Fine Arts Association to have $7,000.00 appropriated to them was also tabled. 

The agenda called for fourteen (14) of the roads to be considered for a Public Hearing to be held to allow the public the opportunity to voice their opinion before a decision on their status would be voted on. All have been recommended to be removed from the parish road system or to have maintenance end points adjusted. Public hearings have already been held on Bryant Road and McKeever Road and the panel was supposed to move forward with the recommended disposition of each.

Roads that were up to have a Public Hearing about were: Aberdon Road, Annie Tatum, Bolds Road,
Buddy Gibson Road, Canard Road, C. Osborn Road, Flat Creek Road, Flowers Road, Henderson Road, Jackson McCarty Road, Poverty Lane, Quail Ridge Road and Viola Road.

The request by the Jackson Parish Museum and Fine Arts Association to have $7,000.00 appropriated to them was also tabled as Juror’s wanted a chance to learn more on why the money was needed and to see if other options were available before a decision was made.

Jury members Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, President Lynn Treadway, John McCarty and Tarneshala “Niki” Cowans did act on the recommendation to purchase two shelving units for $740 for the Clerk of Court and authorize an ordinance establishing a service charge (convenience fee) for credit card use. 

In other action Secretary-Treasurer, Gina Thomas was authorized to submit the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire and audit engagement letter for the 2021 audit and the LSU Ag Center received approval to use the Community Center in accordance with the existing Co-operative Endeavor Agreement (CEA).

Decisions on parish boards were made as follows:

Robbie Howard – re-appointed to Hodge Fire Board for one year term ending 12/31/2022
Wesley Harvey – re-appointed to Hodge Fire Board for two year term ending 12/31/2023
Deidra Hollis – appointed to Ambulance Service District Board to complete term ending 12/31 2025
George Wyatt – Resignation from Ambulance Service District Board accepted effective 1/11/2022
Daniel Ponder – re-appointed to Watershed Commission for four year term ending 12/31 2025

The jury also approved moving their regular monthly meeting date to the third Tuesday of each month which set the meeting for March on the 15th of the month

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